Art Therapy
When you or someone you love is sick with a life threatening illness, a range of emotions takes over. Fear, anger and sadness effects the emotional well being of the sick child, as well as the rest of a family. Art Therapy can help alleviate stress, anxiety and work as a coping mechanism for our Chai LIfeline families.


  • Opportunity for self-expression.
  • Helps decrease anxiety and promotes relaxation.
  • If you have cancer, it can help decrease pain and help you through your rehabilitation.
  • Participation in art therapy can give families a chance to do something positive together during a very stressful time
  • Helps create good memories, bringing joy and growth despite circumstances.
  • A sense of play and exploration
  • It encourages the development of healthy coping strategies.
  • It allows a child to verbally and nonverbally communicate emotions that might otherwise be abandoned or sealed from society.
  • Therapy has an ability to help a child work through difficult experiences.
  • It is capable of promoting a sense of personal independence, self-reliance, and self-sufficiency.
  • Therapy is capable of promoting self-expression, feelings, and emotions.​