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Camps for ill children can help improve their connections to family, competence, independence, and emotional well-being. These positive impacts on children’s lives correlate with their need for social re-integration, peer acceptance and social support.


Camp Lifeline is a Chai Lifeline Canada program born out of a recognized need for local specialized daytime programming for clients who could not attend regular summer camps due to complex medical needs or due to an increased risk of contracting infection.

For two weeks a year, Camp Lifeline provides a unique camping experience filled with much needed opportunities to play, laugh and grow in a supportive environment tailored specifically for them. With increased infection control measures, one to one staffing and onsite medical supervision- campers aged 4-6 years old are provided with the chance to create long lasting childhood memories and generate meaningful community experiences in the summer along with their siblings and peers.

In keeping with Chai lifeline Canada’s mission to improve the quality of life of children with serious medical conditions and their families; with each day planned Camp Lifeline strives to deliver a healthy dose of fun!


For children and teens with cancer and other blood-related illnesses Dedicated in memory of Dr. Samuel Abraham

camp simcha special

For children and teens with chronic and genetic disorders
Dedicated in memory of Zvi Dovid Obstfeld

Camp Simcha and Camp Simcha Special (CS/CSS) offer children and teens a respite from the difficulties of living in a state of precarious health. The fully handicapped-accessible facilities allow them to engage in the full range of sports and activities, daily concerts, interactive programs and camp shows.

CS/CSS replace “I can’t” with “Watch me now!” Whether it’s learning to swim or standing alone for the first time, campers are encouraged to reach for the stars and given the tools to succeed. Every milestone is applauded, and every step is filled with fun.

While this is a camp for ill children, no one feels sick at camp.  Campers have their own personal counselors, young men and women who give up their summers to become mentors and friends. The bonds formed among campers and counselors survive the tests of time, distance, and ill health: friendships initiated in camp remain strong all year long.


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“Life has its ups and downs and it takes strength to realize the opportunities and not let the challenges bury us. This is what every Camp Simcha counselor does for our children.”