Donating Hair

Our Hair Donation Program Has Re-Opened!

Please read the hair guidelines below

There are few side effects of chemotherapy as devastating as hair loss.  For children and young people, it is even more heartbreaking since their feelings of self-worth are so heavily based on looking like everyone else.  Having cancer is bad enough, but being robbed of dignity and self-esteem is even worse. Fortunately, there is something you can do make these children’s road to recovery a little less bumpy.

Hair donated to Chai Lifeline is turned into wigs and hairpieces custom designed for each patient.  By donating your hair (following a few simple rules), you are bringing a smile back to a sick, young person’s face.

Please review these guidelines for hair donations. 

 If you would like a certificate of appreciation, please include either a copy of the completed form or your mailing information.