Chai Lifeline Canada’s annual Edmonton trip will be held from Feb 13 – Feb 16, 2023 at the West Edmonton Mall, sleeping in the Fantasy Land Hotel. The trip will include 20 Chai Lifeline Canada young ladies who are siblings of a Chai Lifeline client. 4 Chai Lifeline Canada staff will be joining and leading the program. 

About the opportunity:

  • Chaperones will function as a Camp Counsellor, responsible for 2 campers throughout the day and evening. 
  • Days begin at 9 AM, concluding at 9 PM. Assistance with helping campers change into their clothing might be required. 
  • Assistance with bathing and washrooms is NOT required.
  • Chaperones will have their own beds, but share a room with 2 campers in bunk beds. 
  • Chaperones will be required to accompany campers to all events, assist other councilors or staff if help is needed.
  • All activities will be organized and paid for by Chai Lifeline Canada and will be done together as a group.
  • Cell phone use during the day for  personal use is not permitted.

Please note that all chaperone applicants will be interviewed by our Chai Lifeline Canada staff.