Educational Support

Childhood illness can have a deleterious effect on a person’s future earnings. Educational support for children who must miss school due to illness may help mitigate the impact.

Almost all children complain about school – but they miss it terribly when they are too sick to attend. The structure, camaraderie, and shared focus give meaning to their days. Being able to return is an incentive and much-hoped-for outcome.

Studies show that seriously ill children are more isolated than their peers. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, latop computers and tablets, educational software, personal tutoring, and social media, we connect students to their classrooms. All-important relationships with teachers and friends are maintained, and children can keep up with classwork. When children are ready to return to the classroom, case managers often help classmates prepare for the big day, particularly if their friend now looks different or requires extra assistance.


hours of tutoring provided by tutors and academic volunteers

“Jeremy was able to maintain grade level despite missing months of school. The next year, he was able to keep up with his classmates.”