Sing for the Children

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Yummy & Shoshana Schachter, EVENT CHAIRS

Bienenstock, Eli
Botnick, Malky
Carr, Judy Feld
Garmaise, Lisa
Greenspan, Danielle & Seth
Kimmel, Ariella
Lauterpacht, Ezra
Mida, Israel
Mizrahi, Sam & Micki

Posner, David
Salmon, Josh
Shields, Mordy
Silber, Alan & Hinda
Ulmer, David & Chantal
Weinberg, Nick & Shevi
Zaldin, Michelle
Zweig, Gary
Zwiebel, Tom & Zippi


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Roy Thomson Hall

60 Simcoe St,
Toronto, ON M5J 2H5



Jack Eisenberger
Todd Halpern
Yisroel Janowski
Mo Lidsky
Micki Mizrahi
Councillor James Pasternak

Philip Reichmann
Israel Schachter
Alan Silber
Peter Tanenbaum
Larry Zeifman


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