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06 Feb ChaiSpotlight: Sonya Kaplan

Where were you last Sunday? Where was I last Sunday? You know where I was? At the starting line of something I anticipated for over 6 months. I still can’t believe what I did, what I worked for, what I accomplished, yet I DID IT....

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SARA BLUM headshot

30 Jan ChaiSpotlight: Sara Blum

When I became a Case Manager at Chai Lifeline, I didn’t really know all that it would entail. My first time walking into a hospital room to meet a new family – I was scared, but I did bring toys with me. The child’s face brightened...

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Silvia Shwartz Headshot

23 Jan ChaiSpotlight: Silvia Schwarz

Hola!  My name is Silvia Schwarz and I have the honour of being the Office Administrator at Chai Life Line Canada. I was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela. In 2003 I moved to Canada with my husband and started a new life, for about...

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16 Jan ChaiSpotlight: Rafi Bienenstock

Hi, Rafi Bienenstock here. I’ve been a volunteer with Chai Lifeline Toronto now for three years. Throughout my years volunteering I feel like I have seen the immediate effect of Chai Lifeline from the front lines. From being at the office in Toronto, putting away...

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09 Jan ChaiSpotlight: Teddy Lubimzev

Hi! My name is Teddy Lubimzev and I have the privilege of being the Operations Officer at Chai Lifeline Canada. Seeing all the wonderful things our organization does inspires me on a daily basis to craft different strategies and roadmaps to reach our goal of...

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03 Jan ChaiSpotlight:Rifky Blau

Hi, I am Rifky Blau, social worker and Family and Hospital Services Coordinator at Chai Lifeline Canada. I am often the first point of contact between a family in crisis and Chai Lifeline as well as a friendly face at Sick Kids Hospital weekly. I...

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DINA BENAYON spotlight

28 Dec ChaiSpotlight: Dina Benayon

My name is Dina Benayon and I am a Case Manager here at Chai Lifeline. I became involved with Chai Lifeline eight  years ago, volunteering as a big sister for a teen who was battling a brain tumor. We would meet each Wednesday and do...

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19 Dec ChaiSpotlight: Miriam Leibowitz

Hi everyone!  I am really excited to be writing my first blog! Although I have written numerous nutrition articles for various publications over the past few years, to be writing on behalf of Chai Lifeline and Team Lifeline Canada is amazing. As a working woman, wife and...

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CRAIG FRIED headshot

12 Dec ChaiSpotlight: Craig Fried

THANK YOU to the Community! As the Director of Development for Chai Lifeline Canada, I have the privilege to work closely with the most generous within our community. I am humbled by their altruism and dedication to the greater good. Chai Lifeline exists to help alleviate...

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05 Dec ChaiSpotlight: Stu Guttman

Bonjour à tous, I remember exactly where I was, and what I was doing, just over 2 and a half years ago when Rabbi Rothman called to officially bring me on board. At the time, I was a Camp Director and had just finished having an...

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