Parlour Meeting

Chai Lifeline Canada 2020 Parlour Meeting

A Greeting from Our Hosts: Goldie and Shmulie Hauer

I recently joined the board of Chai Lifeline Canada this past year, as Shmulie and I believe they are an essential organization.

We are all struggling for some semblance of normalcy, and it’s even more trying and complex when a family member is ill. Chai Lifeline Canada strives to make every day easier and special for our children, teens and families, offering opportunities, services and support such as their Shining Stars after-school, art, equine and group programs. 

Their professional services team goes for daily visits to the hospital or home, bringing everything from favourite meals and treats to toys and surprises. They are shoulders to lean on and listeners for when parents need the support. There is no errand too small, need too big or length that they won’t go to for our Chai families.

Chai Lifeline Canada provides tailored critical care, support and programming to the entire community. Due to Covid-19, Chai Lifeline has seen a significant drop in their revenue and so they are embarking on a national campaign to raise much needed funding. 

In lieu of our annual parlour meeting, we invite you experience some Divrei Hisororos from Rav Elyah Meir Sorotzkin Zatzal” former Rosh Yeshiva of Springfield Yeshiva and join us in supporting this integral organization during these unprecedented times. May this be an Aliyas Neshoma for him.

Please join us as we help make a difference for the children and families they serve!

With utmost gratitude,

Goldie Hauer
Shmulie Hauer


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