Project Chai

Support for grieving parents and children can help them adapt to a horrific loss. Structured programs can decrease the risk of maladaptive grief patterns developing in families.

Health crises and untimely death impacts not only a family, but ripples throughout an entire community. Chai Lifeline’s crisis intervention and bereavement professionals and trained volunteers work with families, schools, camps, and communities to provide information, solace, inspiration and perspective on horrific events.

Project CHAI supports the efforts of camp and school professionals to comfort children, help them express their grief, and provide opportunities for healing. Through seminars for professionals and direct intervention with children and families, Project CHAI helps give them the tools to cope with distressing situations.

When the crisis results from a child’s diagnosis, the family enters the Chai Lifeline community. In the unfortunate situation of a child’s death, surviving family members can receive counseling and ongoing emotional support through the Healing Hearts Bereavement Program and its retreats.

first responders

Project CHAI trains community volunteers to be “first responders,” the first people on the scene following a tragic death. First responders offer immediate emotional support to the family and work with members of the community to create a support system for the affected family.

Following a horrific fire in Flatbush, NY, 51,425 people tuned into YouTube presentations for succor and information given by grief experts and spiritual leaders convened by Chai Lifeline’s Project CHAI.

“There are no words with which to express my appreciation for all you’ve done to help our school and our community. The speed of your response was truly amazing. Each person that was affected by this tragedy was met as quickly as possible. Their emotional needs were assessed and quickly met.”