Teens & Young Adults

Teens who shared social activities with friends have more confidence and self-esteem. This, in turn affects how they view their illnesses and their relationships with family and friends.

The need for guidance, social opportunities, emotional growth and friendship become even more critical when children enter their teens. These are the years when identity is formed and peer approval is supremely important. Chai Lifeline’s teen and young adult programs fill these needs in settings that meet medical and social standards.

Movin' on

Chai Lifeline’s newest young adult offering is the result of a unique collaboration among parents, young adult patients and Chai Lifeline staff. Movin’ On provides emotional, social, and educational transition services to young adults with chronic illness. Beginning several years before they “age out” of the pediatric medical system, Movin’ On gives teens and their families the tools that will help them move from the juvenile to adult medical and social service systems and to reach their educational and vocational potentials.


Among the hallmarks of the teenage years are teen travel and the prospect of enjoying an extended outing with peers. This is usually an impossible dream for teens who must continually guard or monitor their health.

Journeys, a project of our volunteer corps, takes teens and young adults on guided trips to Washington DC, Baltimore, Niagara Falls and Toronto. Utilizing Chai Lifeline’s network of regional offices and international affiliates, participants see the sights, enjoy the scenery, and meet members of the community in which they spend an exciting and enjoyable weekend


Teens who have successfully completed treatment for cancer or who can manage the complexities of chronic illness on an arduous trip are invited to celebrate the victory of life over illness during a ten-day adventure in Israel.

From their first moments in Israel, the group experiences the depth and breadth of this magnificent country. From Masada to the Dead Sea, the Golan Heights to Eilat, and Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, the group sees and does everything. But this is no ordinary teen tour. Wish at the Wall participants invite a parent to share the adventure, allowing those who have shared a child’s illness to discover that a former patient is now a robust, independent teen ready to move into adulthood.


young adults that Movin’On helped in its first year to better manage the transition to adults

“Here in Israel is the first time since my last drop of chemo that I am certain that I am back to life again. As I stood in front of the Kotel, I realized that my Wish at the Wall was not cancer related.”