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Chai Lifeline’s Toy Drive

When illness is present in a home, it doesn't only affect one person – the entire family is impacted. Parents can become overwhelmed with their child's needs, siblings become anxious, and what used to be simplicities of a daily routine can become challenges.

Something as routine as purchasing a toy becomes an endeavor worthy of scaling a mountain. A child's happiness should be something so simple and easy to create, their innocence so easy to please. But when a parent is not in the proper mindset to create that joy for their children, they can easily and quickly spiral into an unhealthy state of mind.

Chai Lifeline Canada, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping Canadian children and their families suffering from serious illness, strives to do what is needed in order to help alleviate the burdens experienced at home. Our Toy Drive is one of 24 programs offered to these families, our Chai Lifeline Family. Not only can you be the person to give a child a reason to smile, you can be the person who enables a parent to beam with happiness at their child's joy of opening a new toy.

To learn more about the Donald Berman Chai Lifeline Canada, Visit: www.chailifelinecanada.org

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