Chai Blog: Miriam Leibowitz

Team Lifeline Season  2017/2018 is HERE! I am so excited that we already have over 90 Canadian runners and walkers participating in both the Vegas Rock ‘n Roll Run in November 2017 and the Miami Marathon in January 2018. They are training and fundraising hard to help send children to Camp Simcha and support other Chai […]

Chai Blog: Mordechai Rothman

Making Dreams Come True As the summer season ends, I look toward the new year and would like to take the opportunity to speak about a few of the programs we ran this summer at Chai Lifeline Canada. Since Chai Lifeline Canada celebrated its 10th anniversary this past March at our annual concert, I would […]

Chai Blog: Esther Malka Shaffer

One more pedal stroke, one more mile to go. The cars honk as they pass by. You watch them as they pass you by. As you follow with your eyes and wish you could move along at their pace. The sweat drips and that voice in your head says you cannot push your quad one […]

Chai Blog: Craig Fried

I had the privilege of taking my family to visit Camp Simcha last month and wanted to reflect on our experience. As we approach the Jewish New Year, it provides for an opportunity to look back and truly consider and evaluate all aspects of one’s life and how we have traversed the landscape this past […]