When you become a Bnei Mitzvah,
you take on personal responsibility
to change the world.

Bat Mitzvah

Chai Lifeline has a successful history of teaming up with Bar and Bat Mitzvah teens, helping them create meaningful and high-impact Mitzvah projects.

We are honoured to be part of their first steps as they come a full-fledged members of the Jewish community.

We can help enhance your milestone celebration with a special mitzvah that gives back to your community by supporting Chai children and families who are dealing with illness.

Gather your family and friends, celebrate
and do a mitzvah all the same time!


Create personalized gift packages made with love for sick children. Check out some of the ideas that would help our kids and families:

PHH Disney Bags
Children of parents experiencing illness are whisked away to Disney World for 4 days! Send them with necessary toiletries, Disney autograph book, flight activities and some snacks.
Cup of Cheer
Provided daily to parents and volunteers comforting sick kids in the hospital: Decorate and fill a coffee mug or travel mug with cookies, Tim Horton’s or Starbucks gift card, snack, hot cocoa, coffee or tea.
Shining Star Kits
Given to children participating in our weekly Shining Stars Program: Contents can be stickers, crayons, drawing pads or colouring books, small games and after school snacks.
Holiday Kits
For Chai Lifeline families in celebration of the holidays, such as Chanukah and Purim.
Summertime Camp Kit
Just the thing for children headed to Camp Simcha and/or Camp Lifeline: Beach towel, sunscreen, poncho, portable fan, sunglasses, flip flops, small games, shampoo and body wash.
Welcome Back-to-School
Help a child returning to school for the first time following an extended absence: Backpack, pencil case, coloured pencils, markers, notebook, Staples gift card, fun pens and erasers.
Hospital Comfort Kit
For children undergoing treatment in the hospital: Travel size toothpastes and brushes, combs, gift cards, slippers, games such as word searches, toys, comfy socks, snacks and stickers.
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We Know You Have Some Questions...

Is party planning and making packages too daunting?
Please meet our partners EchoAge and Gifted.

These incredible programs bring the party to YOU!
Invites, RSVP, Thank You messages, and gifts to you
and Chai, all in one place...check them out!

When you register, our website will develop a personal page that you can send out with your invitations to let your family and friends know that your Mitzvah project is Chai Lifeline. Take the opportunity to tell them why Chai Lifeline is an organization in our community that you support and when they understand the commitment that you are making, they will be able to support you by making a donation through your page. 

You can choose a particular project to direct your gifts to (for example: Shining Stars after school activities, toys for our Chai kids stuck in the hospital, or back to school bags filled with supplies!) and we will ensure that your Mitzvah reaches our children and families as you want. 

Start Your Simcha Today!