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  • Families of children with life threatening or chronic illness
  • Children of parents with life threatening or chronic illness
  • Families from all across Canada

At Chai Lifeline, we strongly believe that illness impacts not just the person who is sick, but their entire family. Therefore, our services include support for siblings, parents, and children.

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Aaron’s Apple was born from the belief that every child has the right to experience a happy and pain free life; and that every parent has the right to raise their child in a dignified manner.

Parents of children with chronic illness are faced with the harsh reality that they are unable to control the illness that their child has been diagnosed. One of the options to ease the suffering of these children comes in the form of highly priced medical treatments. Some parents are fortunate enough to have medical insurance that will cover such high costs. However many are not so fortunate and simply don’t have the financial means to ease the intolerable pain that their child is experiencing.

Aaron’s Apple’s primary goal is to help families cope with overwhelming medical costs. As the costs of delivering healthcare rises, the ability of families to afford the appropriate and necessary healthcare diminishes. This places enormous stress upon families. In their time of need, Aaron’s Apple helps families pay for expensive medication and treatments.

No child should ever have to suffer in pain, and no parent should ever have to watch their child suffer because they cannot afford to pay for treatment.

Aaron’s Apple makes treatments possible. Your support makes Aaron’s Apple possible.

In 2015, The Donald Berman Chai Lifeline partnered with Jack and Jill to create the Blossom Project. This incredible initiative allows our organization to truly welcome hospital patients into our ‘family’ with a plush pillow, fleece blanket, and cute ‘smiling’ bag. This colourful and comfy gift helps brighten their hospital room and eases their stay.

We would like to thank and recognize Barbara and Jack and Jill for their incredible generosity in establishing this initiative and for all the other gifts they supply.

PENINA’S HELPING HAND provides support to young children who have a seriously ill parent. It is a fitting tribute to an extraordinary woman who will always be remembered for her love, compassion, and tzedaka. Unparalleled emotional and social support are offered to each member of the ill child’s family. Case management, counseling, innovative tutorial programs, special trips, gala holiday parties, toy drives, family retreats, and crisis intervention services all bring help and hope to children, families, and communities.



What makes the biggest difference in the lives of families living with pediatric illness or loss?

Community. People who care. Peers who understand and whose counsel comes from experience.

Being sick changes everything in a child’s life. Taking care of an ill child depletes a family’s energy and fortitude.  The variable that can keep families from feeling devastated, alone, and isolated is the care, compassion, and action of others.

For 30 years, Chai Lifeline has given tens of thousands of families the concrete services and emotional support that enables patients, siblings, and parents to find hope and joy in their lives.

Our programs and services take care of everything from the mundane, like help getting to doctors’ appointments and hot food when children are hospitalized, to the extraordinary: medically supervised overnight camps that give children confidence, courage, and life skills they need to fight dreaded illnesses.

But it is our people, the trained, credentialed professionals and thousands of dedicated volunteers, who make the real difference. They transmit the warmth and compassion, knowledge and empathy that transform programs into life-changing events. More than volunteers…more than case managers, social workers, and regional directors…more than Big Brothers and Sisters and counselors…they are catalysts that help our children and families say “Chai Lifeline did more than help us cope with our child’s illness. They gave us the tools to put pediatric illness in its place.”