Travel Adventures

Action-packed and fun-filled adventures for children who have a sibling or parent who is seriously ill are unique opportunities to getaway and nurture friendships with other children who truly understand them.

Canada Adventures Chai Lifeline coordinates a four-day professionally supervised trip for clients, aged 10-16, who are affected by illness. These high impact trips provide a respite from home life, enable children and teens to make new friends with those going through similar circumstances, and provide them with new experiences and enrichment. Previous trips have been to Vancouver and Edmonton. The trip includes full case management support on site 24/7.  

Orlando: A Penina’s Helping Hand Trip Funded by Jeremy Rubinoff Each year, Chai Lifeline Canada sends up to 20 kids to Disney World and Universal Studios in Orlando. This includes children who have a seriously ill parent or who have recently lost a parent. This trip takes the magic of Disney to the next level by providing incredible adventures, while children befriend others going through similar experiences. The trip includes full case management support on site 24/7. “Growing Up, my siblings and I could have desperately used Penina’s Helping Hand’s services. I started the charity, dedicating it in my mother’s memory, because I wanted to take my experience and use it to help others dealing with the same experience as I had.” – Jeremy Rubinoff

Trip to Disneyworld: Funded by Ohr Meir This trip takes 50 children from across the United States and Canada away from their regimen of chemotherapy treatments and hospital stays for a magical trip to Orlando. Closely monitored by a team of leading doctors and nurses, four-days are packed with endless surprises, VIP treatment and unprecedented programming. The trip is supported by an army of volunteer medical staff, counselors, logistics specialists, and others, who make the impossible into  reality.

Wish at the Wall Trip to Israel: Funded by The Hartman Family Foundation The Wish at the Wall is a ten-day excursion to Israel for 12-20 teens from North America, ages 14-18, who have fought brave battles against cancer and life-threatening illness and have finished their treatment. Each teen brings along a parent who has fought illness with them. The group spends ten days touring the breadth of Israel and making lifelong friends.

"I for one am a stronger

and happier person today because of this trip and I hope to live my life with more faith and courage and less fear in the unknown."


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“I haven't seen them this excited in a long time. Thank you for showing them that life goes on and they can still have fun and enjoy. It is a much more valuable lesson learned through experience than words.”