2024 Annual Campaign Brochure

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At Chai Lifeline Canada our doors are always open to children and families impacted by serious illness. Hope lives through our professional staff, volunteers, programs and services every day.

The vital social and emotional support that we provide gives comfort, and instills resilience and hope.

Hope is knowing that you are not alone.

Hope Lives Here.

“I am honoured to chair this year’s Annual Campaign.

For a long time, I have truly been in awe of Chai Lifeline Canada’s amazing work.

Providing hope, support and joy to children and families who are living with serious illness is a true mitzvah and I am excited for the opportunity to support this mission."
Dr. Jodi Sonshine
Annual Campaign Chair
"Chai Lifeline Canada was so kind and generous to me and my family when I was sick.

I'm so grateful because without them I wouldn't have been very hopeful.

I want to pay it forward and help raise awareness about the wonderful things Chai does for kids like me."
Sisi Fisman
Chai Lifeline Canada Ambassador
Chai Lifeline Canada was there when it mattered most. They made the impossible possible.

Because of them, the only thing that has kept me going is having hope that the next day will be better than the day before.
Isaac Zazlov
Chai Lifeline Canada Family
I was hopeful that when I went to Camp Simcha, I'd meet a good friend.

But I didn't realize how many people could relate to me.

And I didn't realize how lonely I was before I went to camp

Chloe Fleischer
Chai Lifeline Canada Family
I wanted to play hockey and Chai Lifeline Canada believed in me and helped me join a league. That year we won the tournament!

My hope is to continue playing hockey.

Shmuel Blum
Chai Lifeline Canada Family

Hope Lives Here reflects our daily efforts to bring moments of joy and
the comfort to our families.