Answers to the 5 most asked questions about hair donations:

  1. YES, we are accepting hair donations.
  2. 10 inches minimum length.
  3. Hair that has been coloured or otherwise treated is ok (more on that here).
  4. Mail or drop off your donation to our offices in Toronto.
  5. Hair should be bundled (ponytail or braid) in an elastic band and sealed in a bag.

More questions? Please see our full guidelines for hair donation here

Ready to donate your hair? 6 easy steps to follow


How your donation helps:

With your hair donation, you  give the gift of beauty, confidence, self-love and hope to someone experiencing hair loss due to illness. When a person goes through cancer treatment, the effects of that treatment can cause hair to fall out. There are few things more debilitating than appearing different from those around them, to have something beyond their control affect them so immensely. They want to feel beautiful just like you! Your hair will contribute toward a human hair wig – the most natural kind – and help restore their confidence and hope.

Send your hair donations to:

Chai Lifeline Canada
300A Wilson Ave
Toronto, ON
M3H 1S8

Still have questions?

Phone: (647) 430-5933
Email: [email protected]
Office Hours:
Monday-Thursday: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Friday: 9:00 am – 1:00 pm

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