Comprehensive Programs & Services
to help families cope with pediatric illness, loss or trauma
We Bring Hope
to very sick children, their families, and communities
We Help Families
From the point of medical crisis or trauma until they once again function independently
We Are the Lifeline
for over 400 children and families in Canada

Why Chai Lifeline Canada

When a child is born or diagnosed with a serious illness, the entire family is affected. Families literally can be torn apart as one parent moves into the hospital to be with the sick child. Siblings, already worried about a brother’s or sister’s health, suffer greatly when their daily routines are disrupted. Chai Lifeline Canada steps in, offering whatever is needed. Counseling for each member of the family, volunteers who bring an extra measure of adult attention and stability to children’s lives, tutoring for children who must miss school for extended periods of time, family retreats, special sibling programs, information, peer and professional support, and two extraordinary summer camp programs for seriously ill children help families retain a sense of normalcy and hope while fighting even the most dire pediatric diseases. All programs are free of charge.

400 sick children
helped by us

400+ meals delivered
88+ overnight shifts completed
400 amazing volunteers
1 new Chai Lifeline Canada family every 6 days

New & Upcoming Events

Would You Like To Host An Event In Support Of Chai Lifeline Canada?​

Our volunteers and community members have many great fundraising ideas to benefit our organization and the community we serve. Most fundraising events proposed that are not already included in the annual Fundraising Plan must be third party events due to limited staffing and resources. New fundraising initiatives helps us continue to grow and raise awareness about our important work.

How Can I Help?

How will my donation help?

Since our inception in 2006, Chai Lifeline Canada has raised over $10 million dollars and provided support to thousands of children who are battling a pediatric illness and to family’s who are affected by illness. With your support, we are providing critical care, compassion, programs and services to our most vulnerable. We offer a myriad of support programs to our families and help ensure they are cared for and not alone during their difficult journey.


The good work we do depends on you, so put your passion into play! There’s no limit to the different ways you can personally help raise money and awareness for our cause. Whether it’s running in a marathon, celebrating a birthday, honoring a loved one or organizing a trivia night, you can start your own fundraising campaign for anything.


Volunteers are the heart and soul of Chai Lifeline. Whether you take on a weekly position, or sign up to do the occasional meal delivery, you can change the experience of illness for a family.

Signing up is easy and there’s an opportunity for everyone, so sign up now and start making a difference.


What People Say

Some love from the community

Hi Nechama, Yesterday was our last session together. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn with Josh and bring out the best in him. He has a huge heart, and can achieve anything he wishes. Thanks again, M
From a volunteer
Awww you guys are so great! This chat is my favourite! Makes me feel good that all us women of different ages get to be part of such a special mitzvah!
Ladies Chat Group
I know I say it often but it's always a pleasure to help out. I wish my mother had the type of support Chai Lifeline provides with my brother while we were growing up. I know it would have made a big difference for us all and that's why I don't think twice about giving up a good night's sleep to help other families whenever I can. It's also so wonderful watching the children grow up. I think I've known Jessica and Adina almost their entire lives and I'm so proud of them and all the children I've met through Chai Lifeline. They are so sweet and a joy to be with - day or night!
From a volunteer
Hi,I just wanted to thank you again. Joshua is getting along really well with Menachem. They are meeting once a week and he is helping Joshua with his Bar Mitzvah reading, benching and davening. He is very encouraging to Joshua which is extremely important since Joshua is lacking in confidence. Only 3 months to go until the Bar Mitzvah! Eek!
Thanks again. S
From a chai mom
Thank you so much to the people who set up these overnight shifts for Esther while we are away. We appreciate so much the hard work and the fun you are giving our daughter while she is in the hospital.
From a chai mom
I'm often overcome with emotion when I see how generously - and how frequently - these women cook for Chai Lifeline. To walk into Lisa Berman's garage and see it filled with food, lovingly wrapped, labelled, and marked with prayers for a refuah, etc., is truly remarkable. May Hashem heal all who need a refuah so that we can only cook for joyful occasions and healthy families.
From a chai parent
Once again, you outdid yourself! Today was a real Chai lifeline fun day! Btwn the two volunteers in the morning, Dina in the afternoon, presents they came home with and a delicious supper, Sunday became a highlight day, even though I spent all day in the hospital. I really appreciate what you've done for our family!
From a chai parent

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