We Help Families by providing critical care, compassion, programs and services to our most vulnerable

What we do

At Chai Lifeline Canada we are passionately devoted to alleviating the burden of those facing medical challenge. From the moment of diagnosis, through the arduous months and years, in good times and bad, Canadian families have discovered that Chai Lifeline Canada is a friend for life.
Chai Lifeline Canada. Fighting Illness with Love.

Big Moments and Special Experiences

Pediatric illness changed everything – Daily life at school, activities, and the big experiences that all kids look forward to, like summer camp and family trips. Camp Simcha and Camp Lifeline are 2-week overnight and day camp programs that are uniquely outfitted to provide our immune-compromised warriors a summer camp experience that mirrors (and exceeds) all others. Chai Lifeline Canada also takes our warrior children and teens on special supervised trips to Vancouver, Edmonton, Walt Disney World and Israel. A change of scenery, independent adventures and safe travels with new friends are life changing experiences that support our Warriors development and interpersonal connections.

Day-to-day life and happiness

Chai Lifeline Canada strives to make every day easier and special for our children, teens and families. Our dedicated staff and volunteers work together on opportunities, services and support such as our Shining Stars after-school, art, equine and group programs. 

Our best-kept- not-so-secret key to happiness is our private toy ‘store’ where our warriors shop and pay with smiles. Our professional and big-heartedfamily services team are always on the move with daily visits to the hospital or home, bringing everything from favourite meals and treats to toys and surprises. They are also shoulders to lean on and good listeners for when parents need the support. There is no errand too small, need too big or length that we won’t go to for our Chai families.

Our Community, Get Involved

Chai Lifeline Canada offers volunteer opportunities to suit the time, talent or energy you have to give. Whether it is Big Sibling pairings for one-on-one hangouts and adventures, academic tutoring, cooking meals for families who are confined to the hospital, helping with deliveries, driving clients to appointments or even donating your hair! There is something for everyone to give back in any way they choose in a tangible and meaningful way.

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