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Lawrence Pollack Foundation Golf Tournament

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Team Lifeline

Team Lifeline


Toronto Waterfront Marathon

Toronto Waterfront Marathon

October 22, 2017

Give a Toy

Give a Toy

Penina's Helping Hand Bowlathon

Penina's Helping Hand Bowlathon

March 5, 2017



February 2017



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Why Chai Lifeline?

When a child is born or diagnosed with a serious illness, the entire family is affected. Families literally can be torn apart as one parent moves into the hospital to be with the sick child. Siblings, already worried about a brother’s or sister’s health, suffer greatly when their daily routines are disrupted.

Chai Lifeline Canada steps in, offering whatever is needed. Counseling for each member of the family, volunteers who bring an extra measure of adult attention and stability to children’s lives, tutoring for children who must miss school for extended periods of time, family retreats, special sibling programs, information, peer and professional support, and two extraordinary summer camp programs for seriously ill children help families retain a sense of normalcy and hope while fighting even the most dire pediatric diseases. All programs are free of charge.


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The Chai Blog

  • 16 Oct

    Chai Blog: Meet Volunteer Yvonne

    Two and a half years ago, my youngest daughter was battling cancer, with three young kids at home, and 30 weeks pregnant. I went in to Montreal to look after her and the children, and while there I witnessed the incredible support Chai Lifeline provided the whole family. From the home cooked meals, the Big Sister who gave the two little girls their special time away from......

  • 09 Oct

    Chai Blog: Justin Lesnick

    I’ve recently decided to join Chai Lifeline Canada’s Team Lifeline group running in Las Vegas this coming November. When I’ve been asked why I got involved, I respond that it’s simply because I want to give back to the community and make a positive impact......

  • 17 Sep

    Chai Blog: Mixed Feelings.

    It’s 5 AM on the first day of school. Yes I am awake. My brain, in theory, knows I should be. I’m sitting outside and it’s so beautiful.  The heat has lifted overnight.  The moon is high and I can see Orion‘s belt. One loan......

  • 04 Sep

    Chai Blog: Penina’s Helping Hand Disney Trip

    From the day I told my kids that my cancer had come back, a weighted cloud of anxiety has hung over our household. Although I have been doing well with chemotherapy and feeling more myself between treatments, I can tell that my kids, although still......



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Since our inception in 2006, Chai Lifeline Canada has raised over $10 million dollars and provided support to thousands of children who are battling a pediatric illness and to family’s who are affected by illness. With your support, we are providing critical care, compassion, programs and services to our most vulnerable. We offer a myriad of support programs to our families and help ensure they are cared for and not alone during their difficult journey.

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The good work we do depends on you, so put your passion into play! There’s no limit to the different ways you can personally help raise money and awareness for our cause. Whether it’s running in a marathon, celebrating a birthday, honoring a loved one or organizing a trivia night, you can start your own fundraising campaign for anything.

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Volunteers are the heart and soul of Chai Lifeline. Whether you take on a weekly position, or sign up to do the occasional meal delivery, you can change the experience of illness for a family.

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community spotlight


Three year old Sisi is an artist, a dancer, a princess and now a cancer survivor. She has fought through dozens of rounds of chemo, months of radiation and has come out a feistier girl than ever! We love painting, colouring and playing princess with Sisi and enjoy having her at our carnivals and movie nights. Sisi has captured the hearts of her volunteers and our staff at chai lifeline.

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