Hope Lives Here...with Shmuel

By Adina Saban

He shoots, he scores! These are words that doctors, nurses and therapists never thought they would hear about Shmuel. Yet Shmuel always had hope and a dream.  

It all started when Shmuel was diagnosed with a serious heart condition as a young child. After his first surgery, his family of nine became clients of Chai Lifeline. Their case manager has been there for Shmuel and his entire family – arranging meals, bringing toys, and advocating on behalf of Shmuel. They even arranged for Shmuel to be paired with a Big Brother who has been a source of friendship, mentorship and support. 


As a passionate hockey player, Shmuel was devastated when doctors told him he should avoid playing the sport he loved. Thanks to the advocacy of his Chai Lifeline Canada case manager, he was granted permission to play. 

The staff at Chai Lifeline Canada really knew me more than the doctors and told the doctors ‘I can do this.’ That year I joined the league and we won the tournament!

This tournament win was proof that Shmuel could fulfill his dream and overcome his medical challenges. 


We are so inspired by Shmuel’s story and resilience that we invited him to be one of the official ambassadors for our Annual Campaign, Hope Lives Here. 

Thank you, Shmuel!