Chai Lifeline began with one program: Camp Simcha, a summer camp for children suffering from cancer. Camp Simcha gave sick children the opportunity to forget about illness and concentrate on being kids once again. The fun, friendship, activities, and love gave them the emotional strength to withstand the pain and isolation of illness for another year.

Our History

The overwhelming response to Camp Simcha was an indication of the tremendous need for such services all year round, not only for cancer victims but for children suffering from all types of serious illness. This held true for children in Canada as well. As more and more children from Canada went to Camp Simcha, the need for localized programming in Canada also came to light. Chai Lifeline Canada has evolved rapidly, identifying the various needs of ill children and their families, and creating the programs to satisfy those needs. Chai Lifeline Canada has earned the acclaim of doctors, therapists, and community leaders, as well as the unending gratitude of thousands of families.

Our Purpose

When a child is born or diagnosed with a serious illness, we know that the illness impacts not just the person who is sick, but their entire family. For 18 years, Chai Lifeline Canada has given thousands of families the concrete services and emotional support that enables patients, siblings, and parents to find hope and joy in their lives.


Our programs and services take care of everything from the mundane, like help getting to doctors’ appointments and hot meals when children are hospitalized, to the extraordinary, like medically supervised overnight camps that give children confidence, courage, and life skills they need to fight dreaded illnesses.


All programs and services are free of charge.



With your support, we are providing critical care, compassion, programs and services to our most vulnerable. We offer a myriad of support programs to our families and help ensure they are cared for and not alone during their difficult journey.


The good work we do depends on you, so put your passion into play! There’s no limit to the different ways you can personally help raise money and awareness for our cause. Whether it’s running in a marathon or honoring a loved one, you can start your own fundraising campaign for anything.


Volunteers are the heart and soul of Chai Lifeline. Whether you take on a weekly position, or sign up to do the occasional meal delivery, you can change the experience of illness for a family. Signing up is easy and there’s an opportunity for everyone!