Family Programs

Emotional support from professionals, informal, and formal social networks and support groups are among parents’ greatest needs during the critical period following the diagnosis of serious pediatric illness

Why do we spend so much time and energy assuring that families can have fun?

Family programs are an important source of emotional and social support. Whether a family chooses to explore an amusement park on their own or parents and children separate to spend time at a holiday party with peers and counselors, the interaction affords them a way to share their experiences with those who understand them best.

Family Days at amusement parks begin literally in the parking lot when cars are met by counselors eager to lend a hand and lots of laughs. Even the long wait time for shows and attractions flies by with a Chai Lifeline counselor at your side. Counselors are happy to take children on rides tame and thrilling, giving parents a chance for quiet conversation with one another.

Chanukah and Purim celebrations usher in these kid-friendly holidays with crafts, games, entertainment, and of course, lots of toys. Chai Lifeline’s toy drives across the country engage community groups, students, retailers, and families, all eager to elate children living with illness or loss in their homes.


family members enjoyed our 46 holiday celebrations and family days throughout the year

“On behalf of everyone in our family, we want to express our deep appreciation for your warmth and caring. The work of your organization in assisting families in need is truly outstanding.”