Camps for siblings and children of a sick parent can help improve their connections to family, competence, independence, and emotional well-being. These positive impacts on children’s lives correlate with their need for social integration, peer acceptance and social support.

For 1 week at the end of summer, Camp Lifeline Away hosts siblings and children of sick family members for an unforgettable sleepover camp experience. Hosted in northern Ontario on a waterfront property, the camp boasts a myriad of activities such as boating, baking, hiking, archery, art therapy, journaling, daily bonfires, performances and more. Camp Lifeline Away offers a unique camping experience filled with much needed opportunities to play, laugh and grow in a supportive environment, tailored specifically for siblings and children of sick family members. 


The opportunity to connect with peers from all over Canada who have experienced the upheaval that come when home life is transformed by illness, is invaluable.  It’s a chance to relax, escape, connect and feel.  Surrounded by nature, sports, and encouragement, campers are guided through daily journal prompts, collaborative art projects that focus on exploring your inner strength, and wholesome fun. The professional staff ensure that every child feels seen and heard. They return home renewed, refreshed and calm. The rustic air plus the cocoon of care is magical. 

 With appreciation to The Shelly Avital Foundation for sponsoring Camp Lifeline Away 


"Thank you!!

Thank you for a FUNtastic summer! And even more importantly, Thank you for dulling the edge of the pain and for helping seven year old boys see their brother not as a source of pain and disruption, but as the reason for the sparkle and joy in their summer!"


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“I wanted to thank all the staff at Chai for an amazing week of Camp Lifeline Away for S. She really enjoyed it so much. She loved the choices given and the pavilion set up with activities that allowed for self direction, so unlike other camp experiences. Thank you everyone who put in so much effort into creating this wonderful experience. S came home more relaxed and content.”