Immediate help, information, emotional and psychological support, and immediate access to all of Chai Lifeline Canada's programs and services.

Parents’ quality of life is affected by stress induced by a child’s illness as well as by their individual and family-related coping patterns and skills. A child’s hospitalization puts additional stress on parents, and remains high throughout the child’s stay.

When a family becomes part of Chai Lifeline Canada, they are assigned a case manager. A trained professional and whose goal is to provide information, assistance and support.

Some of the services that a case manager can provide are:

The Care For Kids Respite Program

provides essential support to our families when they are affected by an illness in the family. Imagine having a sick child in the hospital while you as a parent struggle to balance the needs of your other children, spouse, job and community. Chai Lifeline steps in to alleviate these obstacles in many ways


Sick children and siblings receiving support


Family members receiving support

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