Chai Blog: Maureen Leshem

I didn’t find Chai Lifeline…. Chai Lifeline found me. In different places, by a host of different characters over a period of several years, I heard this name Chai lifeline, mentioned, praised and discussed, without giving much thought to what it even meant. Until one day a friend of mine, whose daughter is so close, … Read more

Chai Blog: Jen Gelberger

The Toronto branch of Chai Lifeline Canada has four case managers (including myself), who each carry a full caseload. Every day one of the case managers goes down to Sick Kids to visit our clients, whether they are inpatient, in for outpatient chemo/treatment or in for appointments. In Toronto alone we service close to 400 … Read more


300A Wilson Ave. Toronto, Ontario, M3H 1S8

Phone: 647.430.5933


1090B Pratt. Montreal, Quebec, H2V 2V2

Phone: 514.667.7041

Crisis Intervention

Email: ukestenbaum[email protected]

Phone: 1 (800) 556-6238