When Covid-19 hit Canada and everything started shutting down, nobody knew what the future would hold. Parents had to work from home and children had to adapt to learning on Zoom. However, there was always the hope that when summer came, everyone would get a breather and enjoy their summer as normal. But nothing changed and camps were cancelled, devastating children and parents alike.

For our Chai Lifeline Canada family, however, there was light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks to the generosity of Stephen and Shelly Arbib and their family, Camp Lifeline was not only able to go on (while following new COVID-19 summer camp safety regulations), but also surpass our expectations of what a camp could look like!

Instead of everyone meeting up in one location, counsellors go to individual campers’ backyards and bring the activities and excitement with them. There are also campers who only attend on Zoom, and the summer activities online are just as fun as the ones in person! No matter the situation, all of our Chai Lifeline campers are having an experience they will remember for a lifetime.

Camp Lifeline has become the most ideal scenario for fun, smiles, and a sense of normalcy. Run by an amazing camp leadership team and the most dedicated counsellors, the campers have had a crazy cool summer, making great memories. They got to watch both magic and fire shows, learned how to breakdance, watched a balloon creation demonstration, created tie-dye masterpieces, made a puppet theatre, created the camp mascot, and SO MUCH MORE!

In Montreal, Camp Lifeline campers have had incredible themes like Pirate Day, Superhero Day, and Game Day where they got to play Twister, puzzles, and other fun games! It’s been an incredible few weeks of fun in the sun.

Camp may not be held in one single location, but that just means more individualized fun for the campers, closer relationships with their counsellors, and new experiences to be had! We can’t wait to see what the rest of the summer brings to Camp Lifeline, and we hope you stay along for the ride!