Childhood Cancer Awareness Month: Meet Oak September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. For Chai Lifeline Canada’s part in raising awareness, we will be sharing stories of the children with childhood cancer and their families that we support with programs, services and love.  Meet Oak, his mother shares his childhood cancer story.  Prefer To Listen? Click … Read more

Reflections of 5781: A Message from Rabbi Rothman By: Rabbi Captain Mordechai Rothman Prefer to Listen? Click HEre Dear Chai Lifeline Canada Family, As we prepare for Rosh Hashana, we are ready to begin a fresh new year. This past one has been filled with some challenges and adversity. As COVID-19 raged on and sent … Read more

Where They Are Now: ft. David Hascal Listen To The Blog Here! Meet David. Like his friends, he’s spending the summer preparing for a big new chapter in his life. When classes begin in September, he’ll be at Western University with a coveted spot in the Ivey Advanced Entry Opportunity program. He’ll been living in a … Read more

When spouses disagree on the best course of treatment – how can this be resolved? How does this affect their marriage? By Mordechai Rothman, Executive Director, Chai Lifeline Canada When a child is diagnosed with a terminal illness, it changes the family dynamic. For parents, it is devastating news, and regardless of the outcomes, they … Read more

Where They Are Now: ft. Jacob Listen To The Blog Here! Standing at an imposing 6’3 height, looking at Jacob you wouldn’t know he had a heart problem growing up. Born and raised in Toronto, Jacob was only too familiar with Sick Kids Hospital and living with a lifelong heart condition. But at 22 years … Read more

Dear Mom, This place is incredible. A letter from a Camp Simcha lifegaurd Minky Iczkovits is 17 years-old and loves swimming! Pursuing her passion, Minky became a certified lifeguard and is spending a few weeks working as a lifeguard at Camp Simcha. Together with her family, Minky has been involved with Chai Lifeline Montreal from … Read more


Where They Are Now: ft. Eden Filinov Listen To The Blog Here! How often does someone end up in a career that they dreamed about having since they were a child? Many people slowly find other interests as they grow older, but Eden Filonov, who always wanted to work in a field that helped others, … Read more

Chai Families Coping Through COVID When COVID-19 forced us all to be physically distant, isolating in our homes, we shared that this measure was all too familiar for families who have children with life threatening and chronic illness. Those of us who never experienced isolation due to sickness had a glimpse of understanding what it … Read more

Coping With The Tragedy In Meron Rabbi Dr. Dovid Fox, director of Project Chai, the crisis intervention, trauma, and bereavement department of Chai Lifeline, offers practical suggestions and guidelines following the horrific tragedy in Meron. If you, or a family member has been affected by this tragedy, there is support available here in Toronto. Please … Read more

So Many Voices A Chai mother’s personal reflection looking forward to Passover with her family There are many voices in a mother’s head. Many, many voices in the head of a mother caring for a chronically ill child. “Pesach is coming!” One voice screams for attention. “Kids need me now, no time to organize, declutter, … Read more