I never considered Sy as simply my brother-in-law; he was my brother. Losing Sy made me realize how precious life is, how it can instantly be cut short and how we should appreciate it to the fullest. I also learned how important it is to help those less fortunate in any capacity.

Six years ago, my brother-in-law, Sy Benlolo z’l, died tragically at the age of 40. Even though his life was rather short, he lived his life doing what he loved most, being a musician. Sy was a kind soul. He always had a smile on his face; he always wanted to make people happy. Although he did not have any of his own, he adored children and played a positive role in many children’s lives.

Since his passing, it has been my mission to keep Sy’s memory alive. I feel he deserves it as do his family and friends. I found no better way to cherish his legacy than by organizing a charity event for Chai Lifeline, a charity I am proud and grateful to be involved with. Chai Lifeline not only helps families in need but, more importantly, provides families with hope, comfort and strength during times of crisis.

The Sy Benlolo z’l Spin for Chai is more than just a spinathon. It is about a community joining together to support families and restore happiness into their lives.

Together with my co-chairs Maureen Leshem Fooks, Albert Benudiz and Esther & Adam Ohayon, please join me Sunday May 6, 2018 at our second annual Spin-a-thon. Let’s make kids’ dreams come true and send them to Camp Simcha. I know this would make Sy extremely happy and proud!!



Nina Benlolo is an active volunteer at Chai Lifeline and has been a committee member for several events including, Go All In & Restoring Hope 2018. To register as a rider or sponsor this event, please visit: Spin for Chai 2018





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