Everyone has the ability to donate, whether it’s your time, your money or even your smile. What our Chai Lifeline Canada volunteer committee members underscore during every planning session for every event, is the love and compassion we have for those who need our help, with the respect and gratitude for those who are so willing and eager to give it.

Last month, our Art Therapist & Case Manager, Sarah Blum wrote about a very special event hosted in support of Chai Lifeline by a Chai Family. As the Special Events Coordinator at Chai Lifeline, I thought I would expand a bit on the theme of events and event planning, specifically why they are so integral to our clients and donors.

Everyone loves a good party. When a child is diagnosed with a serious illness, all thoughts of a celebration evaporate, only to be replaced with a heavy cloud of worry that surrounds everyone involved. As days evolve into weeks and months, Chai Lifeline is there, lending a hand and helping in any capacity we can. No matter the outcome, Chai Lifeline keeps our families and friends above the tide that can so easily drag them down. By gathering those who need a smile with those who are so eager and willing to help provide them, Chai Lifeline has created a name within the community for holding creative, thoughtful and inclusive events to benefit those who need us most. We are proud to be able to host over 20 family events and support groups over the course of each year, occasions that are key examples of what Chai Lifeline is all about.

Highlighting just our two largest events, our annual Chanukah party brings together a hardworking team of volunteers who sign up months in advance, eager to assist with planning and preparing for an afternoon of excitement. Everything from the venue choice and catering to collecting toys for the ‘toy store’ and arranging activities is painstakingly decided upon, having in mind the happiness of our families who really appreciate an afternoon out with families who are in a similar medical state.

Our annual Sing for the Children Gala has undergone some recent changes. It’s been re-branded as “Restoring Hope”, an event that will be held on March 14th at Roy Thomson Hall. Featuring world renowned mentalist, Lior Suchard, Restoring Hope will deliver the best of the entertainment world including: Sleight of Hand Artistry by Shin Lim, host, Comedian MODI and special guest musicians. It will be a night that ensures our guests will be wowed by amazing performances and rolling over with laughter throughout the night.

Events like these enable us to showcase the work we do and can do, as all the funds raised guarantee that Chai Lifeline will continue to be here for the families that need us. If you would like to become more involved with upcoming programs and events, the support is always appreciated and welcome! Please reach out so we can continue to Fight Illness With Love together.


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