As we put away our menorahs and finish the week of Chanuka, we can all agree that this time of year is beautiful. Whether it’s the delicious food we ate, the parties we attended, or just the joyous feeling in the air, there is definitely something special. It’s hard not to notice the world around us who are also celebrating their holiday season now. What is one word that we keep hearing and seeing around us? “Giving” It’s the season of giving, giving gifts, giving back, giving donations.

This time of year the hospital suddenly comes alive. There are presents being delivered to patients, and extra activities and crafts being organized. There are also special visits arranged for the kids from the police officers, hockey players and in general from hospital volunteers. Everyone wants to see kids happy in December.

I watched the officers smile as they made their rounds. And when hockey players passed by while I was sitting with a kid, we chatted. They said that they actually look forward to this once a year visit to the children’s hospital. Everyone wants to do good and feel good.

I can’t help myself from smiling as I reflect on what suddenly evolves in the month of December, and what transpires every day at Chai Lifeline. We at Chai lifeline live the holiday season all year round. We are always thinking about how we can make a difference. Our volunteers are taking time out of their busy schedules to visit children 365 days a year. We are facilitating visits, granting “wishes”, and arranging parties whenever we see a child needs it. We see incredible generosity every day. We live with the mantra of “we live to give.”

I really feel that the special, joyous atmosphere most people feel over Chanuka, or during the Holiday season, we feel all year long at Chai Lifeline.

So as you put away your menorahs or think that you’ve eaten the last donut in the city, don’t feel down that this special time of year is over. Join Chai Lifeline at our next party, come along with me as I visit kids and deliver toys (or even donuts!) in the hospital next week. You’ll see that it’s holiday season every season at Chai Lifeline!






Riki Drazin is a Case Manager at Chai Lifeline Canada,  Montreal  


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