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Enjoy the 'Chai' Holidays With A Sweet Treat

The Chai Holiday campaign is a unique opportunity for you to purchase a beautiful gift for yourself or someone close to you for a special cause. A donation of $85 will get you an exquisite platter filled to the brim with scrumptious dried fruit, candy and chocolate. It will be delivered to the recipients home just in time for the holidays.

*$50 Tax Receipt will be issued for each platter

Online Orders Closed

Dessert Platter

Apricots, Dried Apples, Fuzzy Peaches, Licorice Nibs, Mike 'n' Ikes & Chocolate Covered Raisins *Pareve

Our Committee

Sherri Fisch, Ellise Benitah, Joyce Goldstein, Sylvia Gefen, Daniella Greenspan, Heather Mincer, Esti Cohen, and Honi Sacks

Casually sophisticated for Rosh Hashanah


Megan Leigh

300 Wilson Ave
Toronto, ON
M3H 1S8

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Online orders are now closed. We have just a few left. Please call Megan if interested in purchasing a Chai Holiday platter.

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