THANK YOU to the Community!

As the Director of Development for Chai Lifeline Canada, I have the privilege to work closely with the most generous within our community. I am humbled by their altruism and dedication to the greater good. Chai Lifeline exists to help alleviate the burden of families affected by illness. Our committed staff and volunteers work tirelessly to ensure all our programs are provided in the most efficient, effective and compassionate manner. At Chai Lifeline, we consider every member of the family, and as the holiday of Chanukah approaches, I am reminded that we all represent a light that needs to perpetually shine bright. We all need to light up the darkness and mend the fractures in this world. Every individual that gives of their time and/or resources is truly making a difference and setting an example for the rest of the community.

As we embark on our new building campaign, we look forward to creating a centre of excellence that will allow us to provide our critical care and programs in our own home and enhance all our services for the benefit of our kids.

Our generous donors are paving a path for our future generations. It is imperative that our children understand the inherent value of giving back and helping those who are most vulnerable, as we are evaluated as a society by how we treat those in need.

Chai Lifeline Canada is a beacon of hope to children and families who need us. We are a guiding light in the darkness and will only continue to grow brighter because of the generosity and compassion of our great community.

On behalf of all our children and families, THANK YOU for making a difference and changing lives!

Craig Fried
647 -430-5933 ext.1806
[email protected]

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