Hey there! Like others in my Chai fam, I have never written for a blog before – and I have to say, this is scary! Welcome to the mind of Orly Davis – unwavering belief in miracles, dreams and Disney (let’s be real here).

I have always been community minded and throughout my life, knowing that the best job for me could only be one where I would be fortunate enough to ‘do what I love’ I followed my heart – right through the doors of Chai Lifeline Canada. I walked into that small windowless basement 6 years ago and I knew, in that moment, that Chai was going to be my new home.

Helping others took on new meaning for me as I began as our receptionist and event coordinator, planning and executing fundraisers on behalf of families dealing with serious illness. When a family member is battling all odds towards a complete recovery, it is easy to place all your focus on them; making sure they have the best support network possible to aid in their road to recovery. This is where my role at Chai Lifeline came into play. Drafting, planning and executing imaginative and entertaining events raised valuable funds that go directly to the families of those affected by major illnesses

As Chai grew, so did my responsibilities. In addition to coordinating our gala events, I began to manage our office administration, bookkeeping, human resources, social media and my favourite role: spearheading our ‘Penina’s Helping Hand’ trip to Disney World every summer. My two favourite things in the world: Chai Lifeline Canada and Disney World. It’s hard to put into words the look of sheer joy on the face of a child when they walk into the ‘Magic Kingdom’ for the first time. There is something magical about Disney World on its own, but it’s in that moment, it is absolutely enchanting to see their dreams coming true right before your eyes. The anxiety and concern over their parents health dissipates for 3 bright days as they relax and leave the painful thoughts of home behind. I get the chance to give these warriors their “dream come true” moment in the happiest place on earth; encouraging and reminding them that it is something worth living for.

I have been privileged to watch our organisation grow with the sole aim to help, give, donate and reach out to families that need our support so they can concentrate on what is most important to them. At the end of the day, I am proud to work for such a meaningful organisation that reminds me I have the ability to make a difference, create a smile, and most importantly, make dreams come true as we continue to fight illness with love.

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