There’s nothing that can stop you from celebrating a child’s big day. Our friends at Echoage are here to help your summer celebrations be as fun and as virtually exciting as possible. We are happy to share this this great list of creative ways  to make your child’s birthday a celebration that no one will forget.


1. Set A Cool Theme

Just because you are not celebrating in person, doesn’t mean that your party can’t have an enticing theme.

How about asking your guests to dress up as their favourite animal, super hero, or even a celebrity or musician. Your child will be so surprised and thrilled to see all the guests dressed up. Just imagine your child’s face light up when each guest unveils their costume!

2. Send Love Notes

Ask your guests to be prepared to say one special thing that they really love about the birthday child, or to recall one special memory that they shared together. Use the chat section on Zoom to write each love note and you can save them after. After the party, the host can compile the messages as a special memory from the virtual celebration to have as a keepsake.

3. Laugh Out Loud Together

Ask your friends to come prepared with three of their favourite jokes and give them each an opportunity to be a stand-up comedian in front of all of their friends. The sound of all the kids and parents laughing together will make your celebration truly unforgettable. The sillier the better!

4. Hold a Cooking Class

Virtual parties are a great opportunity to bring out your inner chef. Hold a cooking demonstration of kid friendly recipes. You can send out ingredient lists in advance and guests can follow along. One easy idea is to bake cookies and eat them online together while they are still hot and dripping with gooyness. All the fun, and a fraction of the mess.

5. DJ a Dance Party

Ask each guest to send in their favourite song and put together a party playlist for the virtual dance party. Make each other laugh with crazy dance moves. Hang a disco ball, dim the lights, turn them on and off for a strobe effect, and dance your hearts out.

6. Hire Talent

Who says that there aren’t talented performers out there looking to make the most of their craft during this social distancing time. Hire a magician, a clown or a singer to join on Zoom and perform for the kids. This way your kids still get to see a great entertainer in action and you get to support local talent all at once.

7. Have a Virtual Sleepover

Invite the kids to join the virtual party in their pj’s and have them come prepared with their sleeping bag, pillow and night time snacks. You can each take turns reading your favourite bedtime book to your besties. Plan a great breakfast menu that you can all cook together at night. Breakfast for dinner – hello pancakes! Your kids and your guests will be screaming with joy.

8. Host an Art Party

Invite your friends to create masterpieces with you. They get to choose the craft of their choice: paint, bead, play-doh, lego building. At the end of the party, everyone showcases their creative work and you get to vote on the most unique creation. Talk about making something out of nothing. Even scraps from the recycling bin can be turned into a wild looking sculpture.

9. Play Good Old-Fashioned Games

Have the host use a whiteboard and play games such as Pictionary, Hangman, and Tic-Tac-Toe. You can even play Pin-the-Tail on the Virtual Donkey.

10. Screen Home Movies

Inviting your family member to a smaller gathering? Use this as an opportunity to show old movies of the kids when they were young. Grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins will love a chance to travel down memory lane together – even while viewing from far away. Ask everyone attending to come prepared with their own bowl of popcorn and a belly ready to laugh out loud from the way your family has changed over time.

The bottom line … GET ZOOMING. Creativity is in all of us and we need to find ways to celebrate, stay connected and give back to those who need our love and support now, more than ever. Celebrate your virtual party and feel great about turning this difficult time into a fun experience for your child.

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