Ethan's Story

Last year my sweet Ethan was in the hospital getting chemotherapy to battle his cancer. I try to blur out last year and all that has happened to my Sweet Ethan.

January 14th, the first time we heard the scary words that my son has brain cancer which spread to his spine. The floor beneath me crumbled. He was rushed into an 8-hour brain surgery, followed by 3 more head surgeries, one of which was to put in his permanent shunt, a port surgery, 30 high dose proton radiation treatments at St. Judes Children’s Hospital, a clinical trial to save his life, 7 months of chemotherapy, 2 more port surgeries, pic line and an infection in his head which ended in another surgery.

Almost 13 months of treatment altogether.

It was the hardest times of our lives. The fear of it coming back is always lurking in the back of my mind. Every three months Ethan gets an MRI of his brain and spine and a lumbar puncture to monitor him. Thank god he has no evidence of disease.

But this isn’t just about Sweet Ethan this is about all the parents being told right at this very second that there precious child has cancer, the child fighting in the hospital, the parent praying while their child is in remission, the children taken to soon by this ugly disease, the beautiful angels and the children making memories.

It’s time to highlight and support this cause. We need more funding, kinder treatments, more research, we need a cure now. So grateful for the support along the way from Chai Lifeline. Always there with a smile, kind words and support. 

Help us continue supporting kids who need us most!