Immune deficiencies, disability or dependence on medical equipment can limit opportunities for socialization and impede the development of meaningful relationships. Our remedy is a full year of activities for young patients and their siblings that build confidence, abilities, and friendships. Socializing with others dedicated to giving them the attention they need, helps normalize their situations and helps them find strength through laughter and shared experiences. The activities have another benefit: they enable parents whose time is usually occupied by a sick child to focus on other children or their own needs.

Year round, our Heart to Heart Big Sibling program is one of the most popular and positively effective initiatives. Training sessions and workshops introduce volunteers to Chai Lifeline Canada’s goals and philisophies, equipping them with the necessary tools to navigate our Chai Warrior’s complex medical needs and home environments. 

Chai Lifeline Big Siblings transmit the warmth and compassion, knowledge and empathy that transform programs and adventures into life-changing events. More than volunteers, more than Big Brothers and Sisters…they are catalysts that help our children and families say “Chai Lifeline did more than help us cope with our child’s illness. They gave us the tools to put pediatric illness in its place.”

Siblings make the best friends in the world


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Our Big Sister is THE best. She takes SUCH good care of us. Thank you so much for this awesome match. She takes awesome care of me too. We love her!