Restoring Hope To Our Chai Lifeline Family

Written by Craig Fried, Director of Development

There is an adage; “A culture is judged by how it treats its most vulnerable”. I believe this notion aligns beautifully with our upcoming event Restoring Hope and with Chai Lifeline Canada’s raison d’être.


This event brings together 2,000 committed and dedicated supporters who give of their time and resources to make a difference for the children and families we serve on a daily basis. Chai Lifeline gives so many families the strength to face the most daunting of circumstances. When a family is in crisis, when a child is facing a critical illness, or a parent of young child is suffering from a severe or life-threatening illness, Chai Lifeline helps them through it all. Our staff and volunteers work tirelessly to ensure we are providing the critical care, programs and services to help a family cope as they battle the repercussions of an illness.


We have the privilege of honouring Zev and Zoë Mandelbaum at our event and they embody this adage in the purest form. As some of you may know, Zoë grew up amongst the Miami community surrounded by families and organizations that have gone so far out of their own way to show her what true kindness is. No matter the struggles in the lives of any one person in the community, there was always someone to lean on. This expression of kindness is what inspired  Zev and Zoë  to get involved with Chai Lifeline here in Toronto where they have made a real and lasting impact both directly with families and as a dedicated and committed volunteers.


I have had the opportunity to work directly with Zev, on our campaign, and his team at Altree Developments. He is a true mensch and this is only further conveyed by his staff and his peers in the development sector. Zev has reached out to his network for support and they are all honoured to support him in his endeavours due to their friendship and mutual respect. It is heartwarming and inspiring to witness how Zev and Zoë work side-by-side to make a difference in the world and make it a better place.


We can only hope that others will follow in their footsteps and blaze a trail that leaves a lasting impact. We can all make a difference, whether donating funds, or time, it is a step in the right direction and creates a community that believes in making the impossible possible. In this day and age, when we are so focused on the self, one might be surprised that when we give, in any form, we find that it brings more happiness and only helps to bring us closer to one another.