What a difference 6 months makes

That’s how long I’ve been working for Chai Lifeline Canada, and yet it feels like I have been here a lifetime!

My role as the Peer to Peer Manager is to execute and oversee any events that Chai Lifeline supporters can partner with us in order to raise the much needed funds for the children and families of Chai Lifeline Canada.

As this was a newly created role, my goal is to provide a level of service and professionalism anytime supporters of CLC raise funds for us.

My job is truly awe inspiring. I work with hundreds of people who take the time out of their busy lives to help us grow.

One way is through Team Lifeline Canada: Our flagship marathons take place in Las Vegas and Miami. Whether a seasoned runner or someone with no training at all, Canadians from across the country have participated in these endurance feats! This season alone we have sent over 100 runners who have raised almost $700,000 for Chai Lifeline Canada!

In November I teamed up with the Hebrew Crew and Live 2 Give teens to put on the outstanding Jump for Chai event. This student driven initiative was held at Sky Zone. Kids and teens jumped and had their friends and family sponsor their efforts. In total, they raised over $125,000!!!

While my time here has been brief it’s become so clear to me the power of the individual and the impact we have when we come together for such an important cause.

I have also had the opportunity to meet some of the families we have serviced here at Chai Lifeline. Hearing their stories and spending time with them makes it all very real and makes working here at CLC such an honour.

I would be remiss to not mention the incredible staff that I have the pleasure of working with daily. The culture here at CLC is all about making the staff happy aand cared for. You can see that such a perspective results in a passionate employees who go above and beyond.

As for the future, I’m very excited to start planning the Sy Benlolo Spin for Chai coming up on June 2, 2019, where avid Spin enthusiasts will spin at Spinco to raise funds for CLC. Our goal this year is to hit $136,000.

Our Tour de Simcha Bike ride for Ladies and our Bike4Chai for gentlemen in the summer are unique. Upon completion of the ride, cyclists arrive at Camp Simcha. Camp Simcha is our sleepover camp for children with a cancer diagnosis. It is a magical place where these Chai warriors get to feel like regular kids. These Bike Rides help fund our children that we send. We do not charge for any Chai services afterall!

The dirtiest part of my job will be in September when Chai Lifeline teams up with Tough Mudder! With already 6 teams committed we have so much momentum and are hoping to make a huge impact for the kids and families of Chai Lifeline.

It’s amazing how much the team here at Chai Lifeline Canada does everyday. I’m thrilled to be a part of it and look forward to what the future brings!