Rena's Perspective of Camp Simcha Special

By Rena Dayan

I’m in awe. inspired. major respect 
I keep thinking just wow as I sit and reflect
Children, so young, so pure, with such capabilities
Nothing holding them back not even diagnoses and disabilities 
Kids that can’t see have learned to really listen
Those that can’t walk, they have another mission 
CP of all levels, limiting balance and muscles
With smiles they fight life and it’s many obstacles
Little people that will never be tall 
Doesn’t stop them! They can thrive while being small
I’ll meet a kid so fun and outgoing 
Zip lining, painting, traumas not showing
I don’t even know all those suffering with seizures 
These kids are amazing! Taking on life like warriors 
Imagine being anaphylactic, but you don’t know the cause 
Hospital visits as regulars- to you I applaud
There’s so much more to people than the doctor’s diagnosis
If you choose to see past and really focus
Their glowing faces have suffered hard times
That doesn’t stop the smile that shines
Camp Simcha was magical for both kids and staff
I photographed the moments of accomplishments, growth, smiles, and laughs
I witnessed beauty like never before 
as I captured times these girls were given the chance to truly soar 
I feel lucky to have been part of such a good cause 
I’m sitting here in awe. inspired. giving my biggest applause❤️ 💪🏼  

About Rena:

Hi I’m Rena Dayan. I’m 21 and I’m a photographer in Toronto. This was my second year doing photography at Camp Simcha Special. I love being able to use my skills to capture the genuine joy of Camp Simcha’s campers.

When I’m not at Camp I do photography for families and events and of course hang out with my friends whenever I have time!  You can find me on Instagram @renasperspective 💗📸🛍

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Check out this slideshow of a sampling of Rena’s favourite Camp Simcha moments that she captured with her camera.