She's Got the Need to Bead

At Chai Lifeline Canada, every day is filled with inspiration. We are constantly inspired by our Chai Warriors and their families, by our volunteers, by our donors, our runners and cyclists and also, by our dedicated team.

A whole new level of inspiration has been reached throughout COVID-19 as we see the fun and creative ways that people in our community are supporting our families and our work.

We’ve been sharing some of the special ways that people are using their time and talents to make a big difference.

Meet Alana of Alana’s Bracelets. Having a hobby of beading, she started making bracelets for Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto. She then heard about the Miami Marathon, a marathon that Chai Lifeline’s Team Lifeline participates in, through a veteran Team Lifeline runner. Learning more about the cause behind Team Lifeline, Alana decided to sign up to run with them. To reach the team goal of $4000 per member, Alana chose to raise her funds through her beading hobby in support of our Chai Family. She has already met her goal by creating and selling her beaded jewelry, but will continue to create, donate and support Chai because she truly enjoys giving back.

When asked about her jewelry inspiration, Alana told us that she gets inspired by what is currently trendy and cute. Even though it’s only a hobby for her, Alana is clearly dedicated to her craft. When creating her pieces, Alana wants to include everyone because anyone, regardless of their background, can help an organization. Therefore, when choosing charms, she gets various religious symbols, themes and styles for her bracelets, anklets, and mask chains with initials, designed for a personalized touch. To date, Alana has sold over 1000 bracelets!

Alana is very proud of her affiliation with our Chai family: proud to promote Chai Lifeline, proud to raise awareness of the organization, and proud that people choose to donate without even buying her merchandise. But we at Chai Lifeline Canada are also proud to have a great ally who is selfless and just wants to open her heart and give.

“Health, gratitude, and appreciation for every day is important to me. Chai Lifeline Canada is such an incredible cause and I’m so grateful to be fundraising for them.”

We are so appreciative of Alana’s dedication to Chai Lifeline Canada and our family. From bracelets, anklets, and mask chains, to workshops for birthday parties, you can check out her Instagram: @alanasbracelets.

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