Join the Smile Chai Club
and let your family's memories help make a
difference in the lives of our Chai Warriors.

In collaboration with Avital Zemer Photography, Chai Lifeline Canada is proud to offer the Smile Chai Club. With Avital’s expertise and keen eye, special occasions, seasonal portraits, or even milestones can be captured while simultaneously supporting our Chai Lifeline Family. 

With your choice of 2 types of packages, the Smile Chai Club brings the studio to you at any outdoor location. Backyards, parks, beaches, or even against a cool brick building, your options are limitless! Running through the fall 2020 season, Smile Chai Club can be given as a gift, a keepsake from a family occasion, or just a fun excuse to get dressed up for family portraits!  

Who is Avital Zemer? Not only has Avital been a long standing dedicated photographer of Chai Lifeline Canada events and programs, he also is the owner of Avital Zemer Photography. A Toronto-based photographer who loves to shoot weddings, live music, portraits, and almost everything else!

Why did Avital choose photography? “I photograph in order to capture moments and subjects that would otherwise go unnoticed. I strive to simplify or distill my subjects to their essential elements and form, to abstract them from their original context or function, to view them in a new context, and attempt to transform their meaning for the viewer. I am drawn to textures, patterns, simple lines and shapes, and am compelled to find the innate orderliness of things. I enjoy photographing my neighbourhood, my community, my family, strangers on the street, and any one else who wants their pictures taken! My hope is to reveal the extraordinary in ordinary things.”

Smile Chai Club

18% Off for Volunteers!
$ 147
  • 20 Minute Photo Session
  • 20 Digital Photos
  • Full Charitable Tax Receipt

Smile Chai Club

18% Off for Volunteers!
$ 205
  • 30 Minute Photo Session
  • 30 Digital Photos
  • Full Charitable Tax Receipt

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