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the Tehilla Rothenstein Volunteer Appreciation Raffle

The Tehilla Rothenstein Volunteer Appreciation Raffle is sponsored by George and Esther Rothenstein, in recognition of their granddaughter's dedication to chessed and Chai Lifeline Canada. She's an inspiration to her friends and family.

Raffle Guidelines

At Chai Lifeline Canada, we value the hard work and dedication of our volunteers. As a way of giving back to our volunteers, we are happy to announce our volunteer appreciation raffle.  The following guidelines will explain how the raffle works.

Every time you complete a volunteer task ie. delivery, big sibs, Equine Therapy, family events, ect.. you will be sent a Google Form. Once you fill in the form, your name will be entered into a database which we will than use for our bi-weekly draw. 

There are no limits on the amount of times your name can be entered into the raffle. The more volunteer tasks you complete, the more entries you get which means the higher chance of winning the raffle

To keep it fair, a volunteer can only win one draw a month. 

The prizes will range, from gift cards to restaurants, gas cards, tickets to sporting events or concerts and more.

The draw for the raffle will take place every 2 weeks on the Friday. We will use a digital raffle wheel with all the names entered, a video of the draw will uploaded to The Hub website.  

Great question and very easy to do. Fill out the application and one of our amazing Volunteer Coordinators will get in touch with you to set up an interview and training session. Once you are trained and have signed all the needed documentation, you can start volunteering and start being entered into the raffle. 

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