"Believe the Impossible" is a lot more than a catchy tagline.


It tells a story.

When a child is suddenly diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, when a parent, and sometimes both parents, have to give up a job in order to care for their sick child, when money is tight and tensions are running high in the home, when parents are running from appointment to appointment to learn about their child’s sudden diagnosis, treatments, and medications, when they have to sleep, nights on end, one cat nap at a time, at their child’s bedside, when the siblings of a sick child feel neglected and scared, when there’s nobody home to prepare meals for them or to help them with their homework, life becomes “IMPOSSIBLE”.

Making it through each day seems “impossible”. Suddenly having to drop everything and adapt to the new realities seems “impossible”. Carrying on seems “impossible”. Supporting your family, emotionally and financially, seems “impossible”.   

But, as families in crisis very quickly learn, the concept of “impossible” does not exist at Chai Lifeline.

We have watched, in complete awe, how Mordy Rothman, his incredible staff, and the 600+ trained volunteers who make up this organization, have saved hundreds of local families over the years, by filling in any void created in a family unit as a result of serious illness.

When families are at the “impossible” stage of life, Chai Lifeline showers them with the love and support that allows them to believe again.

Tonight’s show is filled with things which seem “impossible”. As you sit back, in amazement and shock, wondering how on earth our talented performers have pulled off their acts, you’ll get a tiny taste of how Chai families feel every single day. When their “impossible” is made possible.

We are honoured and humbled to be charing this event for the 12th year in a row and we thank each and every one of you for your generous support. May you be blessed to forever be on the giving end of a life filled with good health, happiness, joy and success!

Shoshana & Yummy