The Hartman Family Foundation Wish at the Wall is a ten-day excursion to #Israel for teens who have fought brave battles against cancer and finished their treatment. Each teen brings along a parent who has fought beside him or her to share the journey from patient to active adolescent. The group spends ten days touring Israel from north to south, east to west; in that time, they discover who they have become and what they want to be in their lives.

“Wish at the Wall is a culmination of months and years of chemotherapy, radiation, and surgeries, as well as the loneliness and isolation that accompanies the arduous cancer journey,” said Rabbi Shlomo Crandall, Wish at the Wall director and director of Chai Lifeline Midwest. “This program builds a unique bond between the teens and their parents and creates friendships and memories that last a lifetime.”

Upon arrival in Israel, the group hits the ground running, getting the full Israel “experience” during a jam-packed 10-day expedition. They travel across the country, visiting Masada, the Golan and Kineret, as well some of the holiest Jewish locations, including the Kotel and the old city of Safed. The teens ride camels in the Jerusalem hills and tractors in a northern moshav, float in the Dead Sea, and tour excavation sites. They also spend a day visiting with Jewish and Arab hospitalized children undergoing cancer treatment, sharing their own personal experiences and words of encouragement.

“After battling for their very survival, these incredible teenagers deserve the opportunity to get away, to recharge and to reconnect with their family and their homeland,” said Rabbi Simcha Scholar, Chai Lifeline’s Chief Executive Officer. “They return from Israel with a renewed sense of confidence, joy and hope for their future.”

Chai Lifeline is grateful to the Hartman Family, whose foresight and initial support made Wish at the Wall possible.

"I for one am a stronger

and happier person today because of this trip and I hope to live my life with more faith and courage and less fear in the unknown."


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Wish At The Wall, you gave us the opportunity to journey within ourselves, discuss inner fears, challenges and work towards true healing and inner peace. I was so inspired by the optimism and strength of all the children, the openness of the parents to share their stories and the courage of our soldiers and citizens that stand up to protect our land and nation.