ChaiSpotlight: Dina Benayon

DINA BENAYON spotlight

My name is Dina Benayon and I am a Case Manager here at Chai Lifeline. I became involved with Chai Lifeline eight  years ago, volunteering as a big sister for a teen who was battling a brain tumor. We would meet each Wednesday and do something fun; we’d go bowling, get manicures, go out for […]

ChaiSpotlight: Miriam Leibowitz


Hi everyone!  I am really excited to be writing my first blog! Although I have written numerous nutrition articles for various publications over the past few years, to be writing on behalf of Chai Lifeline and Team Lifeline Canada is amazing. As a working woman, wife and mom of four, managing a home and a busy […]

ChaiSpotlight: Craig Fried

CRAIG FRIED headshot

THANK YOU to the Community! As the Director of Development for Chai Lifeline Canada, I have the privilege to work closely with the most generous within our community. I am humbled by their altruism and dedication to the greater good. Chai Lifeline exists to help alleviate the burden of families affected by illness. Our committed […]

ChaiSpotlight: Stu Guttman


Bonjour à tous, I remember exactly where I was, and what I was doing, just over 2 and a half years ago when Rabbi Rothman called to officially bring me on board. At the time, I was a Camp Director and had just finished having an in depth conversation with the camp doctor about a […]