ChaiSpotlight: Sara Blum

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When I became a Case Manager at Chai Lifeline, I didn’t really know all that it would entail. My first time walking into a hospital room to meet a new family – I was scared, but I did bring toys with me. The child’s face brightened and she lifted up her hands to m and in […]

ChaiSpotlight: Silvia Schwarz

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Hola!  My name is Silvia Schwarz and I have the honour of being the Office Administrator at Chai Life Line Canada. I was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela. In 2003 I moved to Canada with my husband and started a new life, for about 10 years I was working part time and taking care […]

ChaiSpotlight: Rafi Bienenstock


Hi, Rafi Bienenstock here. I’ve been a volunteer with Chai Lifeline Toronto now for three years. Throughout my years volunteering I feel like I have seen the immediate effect of Chai Lifeline from the front lines. From being at the office in Toronto, putting away box after box of donations, to dancing with all the […]

ChaiSpotlight: Teddy Lubimzev


Hi! My name is Teddy Lubimzev and I have the privilege of being the Operations Officer at Chai Lifeline Canada. Seeing all the wonderful things our organization does inspires me on a daily basis to craft different strategies and roadmaps to reach our goal of helping more families. I am quite excited, since this is […]

ChaiSpotlight:Rifky Blau

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Hi, I am Rifky Blau, social worker and Family and Hospital Services Coordinator at Chai Lifeline Canada. I am often the first point of contact between a family in crisis and Chai Lifeline as well as a friendly face at Sick Kids Hospital weekly. I also have the privilege of facilitating monthly support group for […]