ChaiSpotlight: Chevy Freund

Hi, I’m Chevy the Montreal Volunteer Coordinator. This blog is for each and every one of my volunteers because without them there would be no me!! Volunteers are the heart of Chai Lifeline, they are the ones that make everything we do possible, they choose to give of their time their love and amazing energy, […]

ChaiSpotlight: Jen Gelberger

My name is Jennifer Gelberger and I have had the privilege of serving as a Volunteer and Family Event coordinator at Chai Lifeline since October 2013. People often ask if my job is “depressing” since I see so many sick children, but the reality is just the opposite.  My job allows me to see the […]

ChaiSpotlight: Orly Davis

Hey there! Like others in my Chai fam, I have never written for a blog before – and I have to say, this is scary! Welcome to the mind of Orly Davis – unwavering belief in miracles, dreams and Disney (let’s be real here). I have always been community minded and throughout my life, knowing […]

ChaiSpotlight: Sonya Kaplan

Sonya 2

Where were you last Sunday? Where was I last Sunday? You know where I was? At the starting line of something I anticipated for over 6 months. I still can’t believe what I did, what I worked for, what I accomplished, yet I DID IT. Never in a million years did I think I would […]