Thank You for Being Our Guest

Last week in Montreal, we held an advanced screening of the new Beauty and the Beast movie. Over 30 of our families came out, in the snow, to see Disney’s remake of the classic musical. It really was an amazing program; we treated our families to Pizza, Popcorn, Soda and as a final touch, each … Read more

ChaiSpotlight: Riki Drazin

Hi my name is Riki Drazin and I am the case manager at Chai Lifeline Canada’s Montreal office. As I am not the first blogger on this page, I am sure you all know about the great work Chai Lifeline does for others. Today I would like to take this opportunity to introspect and recognize … Read more

ChaiSpotlight: Nechama Markovic

Nechama headshot

Hi! I’m Nechama and I am one of the Volunteer and Event Coordinators at the Toronto office. A question I often hear from well meaning members of the community, usually goes something like this. “I know Chai Lifeline is an amazing organization, but what do you guys ACTUALLY do?”. So, I’ve decided to dedicate my … Read more


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