Our tenth annual Sing For The Children benefit concert is only a few days away and so I took time to reflect on the past, engage with the present and look to the future of Chai Lifeline Canada. As an organization, we strive to provide the most comprehensive and vital programs and services for the children and families we serve. We have consistently provided our core programming, while innovating and adapting by establishing our Shining Stars After-School Program and now our Camp Lifeline that provides a camp experience for our immunocompromised kids who would otherwise be unable to attend a regular day camp. These are just two of the myriad of programs we provide in an effort to help families cope with the most difficult time in their lives.

Chai Warrior M at Shining Stars together with St. John’s Ambulance Therapy Dog Troy. {December 2016}

The children and families that we care for battle illness on a daily basis and the community’s support enables us to help them battle one more day.

We fight this battle by providing compassion and care for every member of the family.

We fight this battle by holding their hands through it all every minute, every hour and every day.

What unites all our families and keep us all working tirelessly, are the innocent and vulnerable children that are struck with illness. Children are our legacy and the future, our future, depends on how we treat and support our children.

We started with a handful of families and have grown to support over 400 children and their families on a daily basis.

Everything we do has one common thread that ties all our important work together; the generous and altruistic community who volunteer their time and donate their resources.

This cannot be overstated!

The donors and volunteers who have perpetually given of themselves is humbling and inspiring. Their consistent support is the only reason we have been able to accomplish our important work and will be able to continue to serve as we receive more and more referrals to care for those that need it most.

As we look to the future, we are embarking on a campaign to create a centre of excellence for our Chai Lifeline Canada families that will fit our needs for the years ahead. A home where the entire community can receive support in one location. As we undertake this initiative, we ask that the community partner with us and help make this dream a reality.

On behalf of the children and families of Chai Lifeline Canada, THANK YOU for making a difference and changing lives for the better.


2 thoughts on “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much

  1. Doris Gandell says:

    I am a retired teacher having taught at Bialik High School for 26 years.If I wanted to volunteer to help children with schoolwork,how would I go about it.I would like to know about helping Chai Lifeline in general

  2. Sonya says:

    Hi Doris,

    I have sent you an email. Please visit https://chailifelineca.wpengine.com/become-a-volunteer/ to submit a volunteer application. Thank you for thinking of Chai Lifeline and reaching out.

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