ChaiSpotlight: Nechama Markovic

“The best times in life are usually completely spontaneous.” – Author unknown A few weeks ago, we got a call from an affiliate program of Chai Lifeline New York called ‘Sibs Club’, a program which exclusively services siblings of kids with illness. They were planning a trip for teenage girls to tour Niagara Falls. We […]

ChaiSpotlight: Heidi Wilk

I was a widow at 38 years of age. I lost my husband, Matthew after a 7 year battle with brain cancer.  I lost the love of my life and had assumed the role of single mother to my three young children, Brooke now 10, Zachary now 6 and Joshua now 4. Suffice it to […]

ChaiSpotlight: Orly Davis

Their motto is Run. Ride. Inspire. and nothing could be more incredibly accurate. We all have busy lives so we make everyday tasks, like exercise, priorities so they find a slot on our daily agenda. Chai Lifeline uses our desire for activity as a tool to get like-minded individuals together in support of a great […]

ChaiSpotlight: Teddy Lubimzev

I would like to take the opportunity to speak about an amazing affiliate program Chai Lifeline partners with called Aaron’s Apple. Aaron’s Apple’s primary goal is to help families cope with overwhelming medical costs. As the costs of delivering healthcare rises, the ability of families to afford the appropriate and necessary healthcare diminishes. I was at […]

ChaiSpotlight:Rifky Blau

Why Kids Need Camp As summer time approaches, kids all over the world are getting ready for their camp experiences. Here at Chai lifeline the energy is no different. We are preparing our warriors for their 2 week camp experience at Camp Simcha; The Happiest Place on Earth. Counselors are being trained and campers prepped […]