Their motto is Run. Ride. Inspire. and nothing could be more incredibly accurate. We all have busy lives so we make everyday tasks, like exercise, priorities so they find a slot on our daily agenda. Chai Lifeline uses our desire for activity as a tool to get like-minded individuals together in support of a great cause. For those who love being active, an excuse for fitness is always a great idea but for those on the “I wish I worked out more” list, Chai provides the best excuse ever to get out there and move!

They run: Founded in 2006 by a long-standing Chai Lifeline supporter, Team Lifeline began with just 24 runners raising an incredible $155K!! Created as first class outlet of activity, Team Lifeline hosts three marathons a year, one each in Miami, New York and Las Vegas, allowing participants the opportunity to give their all by running through exclusive scenic locals while cheering on friends & family and experiencing a triumphant and unparalleled weekend of pure adrenaline and amazingness.

They ride: Bike 4 Chai was initiated by one solitary Chai volunteer in 2009 who rode 135 miles from his home to upstate NY, raising $10,000 in support of Camp Simcha. The ride has now become a 180 five-star mile journey where cyclists of varying skill levels enjoy this premier cycling event, concluding with a massive celebration at Camp Simcha with the seriously ill children they are supporting. Leading us to what Chai Lifeline does best:

Inspire. Sure, people run marathons and ride to support this cause or that charity. What Chai does through Team Lifeline and Bike 4 Chai is connect their supporters to their hard-earned efforts by showing them where it’s going, who they are helping and why their help matters. I have been fortunate to witness Chai Warriors with severe mobility issues successfully cross that finish line after months of training; making each step a celebration of life, an enthusiastic and serious kick in the butt to childhood illnesses that all together fights illness with love. If they can do it, why the heck can’t we?

Please join Team Canada in any of our upcoming adventures! For the 6th year in a row, I personally will be participating in this year’s Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon on Sunday, October 22, 2017, in support of Chai Lifeline Canada. Together as a team – and a family – we can make a difference, we can inspire.

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